Current Projects

Mindfulness-Based Nature Connection (MBNC)

One of our central programs is a 6 part mindfulness in nature program that systematically trains people to develop a rich and enduring connection to the natural world through a variety of accessible and engaging meditations and techniques. This is typically offered over six weeks, in a 2-hour class format outdoors in nature. Participants will learn a variety of methods that allow them to connect with their environment in intimate and profound ways. One of the fruits of this course is supporting people to care for and respond to current ecological challenges. This course is offered to anyone, but we endeavor to offer this course freely, to people in the helping professions. This includes school teachers, health care providers, first responders, as well as to at-risk youth, seniors, and to business and organizational leaders.

Mindfulness in Nature – General Programs

Mindful of Nature offers a variety of programs in various formats, that can be adapted to the needs of the populations and organizations it serves. These nature-based mindfulness programs can vary from as short as a one-hour class, to a half day, full day or multi day programs.

Science-Driven Research

We are piloting a research study on the Mindfulness-Based Nature Connection Course, to measure the positive impact of being in nature with mindfulness, and its benefits for health, mental health, well-being, reducing stress, and increasing environmental care and responsibility. We are actively seeking funding for this research project and we hope to be engaging with researchers at UCSF and other institutions.

Leadership and Mindfulness & Nature

We offer programs for leaders, teams, boards, and organizations that integrate nature immersion, contemplative practice, and facilitated conversation that encourage an engaged response to the environmental challenges of our time.